Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Being Sympathetic

I was inspired to try this week's Titus 2 project over on At the Well for two reasons: (1)As I move into my role as a keeper of the home and transition out of the workplace(oh boy, THAT could be the subject of a blog or two hundred), I've been studying Titus 2 and other passages in Scripture more and more, and seeking discernment and (2) the call to be sympathetic seems especially appropriate this week.

A friend of mine lost a close family member suddenly. Not surprisingly, this is a very sad time for her (I'll just call her "Monica" as I don't feel entirely comfortable using real names when it's not wholly my story I'm telling here). I, along with other old friends, have been trying to reach out to her. The funeral is taking place out of state, then Monica will be coming back here. I spoke to her before she left and I've been praying about how to be there with Monica, in the midst of her grief.

I have sent flowers to the funeral, and I left Monica a little coupon book on her doorstep that I decorated and filled with coupons for meals, errands and things like that. I also have marked on my calendar to call her and perhaps see if she would like to get out for lunch. And of course, she is daily in my prayers. It is a very weighty thing to get down into the valleys of life and prepare to walk alongside someone and build her up. I don't have lots of experience with it, but I pray that God will give me the right things to say or at least lead me to be there when my friend needs company even if I don't have anything at all to say. I know when I've been grieving losses in the past that sometimes you just want someone there but you don't necessarily want them to do anything.

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