Friday, May 27, 2011

A Few Notes on Reading

I love to read and I plan to review books as I read them as well as mention gems I have already in my library. When I'm reading, there are some things I try to keep in mind.

1. First of all, whenever we read, I think we need to check what we're reading against Scripture. Authors are human and we already know that humans have not attained perfection, but that we are fallible, sinful people. References to the Bible may contain errors or there may be problems with an interpretation in a particular work we're reading.

2. On the advice of a very wise pastor I had growing up, I try to make an effort to read things I disagree with on occasion. By this, I don't mean that readers should go seeking out books that they know will tempt them into sin. I simply mean that reading about ideas we disagree with can be helpful. It helps to know something about the ideas we confront in the world. In addition, having our own beliefs challenged by being exposed to other viewpoints leads us to strengthen our own arguments and convictions, and helps us to be better witnesses.

And most importantly,

3. No matter how many wonderful things we read, nothing we study can serve as a substitute for reading the Bible regularly. A strong grounding in the Word is necessary and it should not ever be neglected.


  1. Great thoughts Amy! I love the two points you make: Be discerning and be informed. Let your study of the Word guide your reading!

  2. Amy,

    I think you have made some very important points in regards to the books we read. I believe that I actually practice these points myself on various levels.

    I've also learned, through my reading experience, that we should not feel guilty if we can't complete a book in its entirety. We glean what we can from a book, and if it ceases to "impress us," we should not be forced to complete it.

    Good thoughts!

    -L. Rose

  3. There are some books I have read, that by the time I've read only a few papers or the first chapter I know it is wrong to continue. It just feels wrong, it might be the authors misinterpreting the scriptures, or their own views are not mind. I generally don't continue.

    As to the third point, very true, it is Gods word we need to read every day. Not those of mans.

    I look forward to your views, these are helpful when I'm looking for something to read.