Sunday, May 8, 2011

Finding My Place at Home

I come at blogging from a different place than many of the women whose blogs I read.  As a Christian, I continually seek to understand and follow God's will for my life, and I am blessed to be married to a wonderful Christian man.  However, we cannot have children - a fact that has caused both of us pain and which has at times made it hard for me to know where God would  have me serve.  I spent years preparing and praying over a future role as a wife and mother at home.  And when there are no children, what does one do?
At first, the idea of serving at home when we have only myself and my husband there seemed self-indulgent.  God had given me gifts and our lack of children seemed to be driving me to use those in the workplace.  However, while the jobs I held taught me much, God put the idea on my heart more and more that I should consider a different path.  I saw little things at first.  For instance, keeping up a welcoming, inviting (goodness - I'd even have settled for basically sanitary!) home became almost impossible.  The hours devoted to employment forced me to choose between keeping the home and working; I simply had neither the time or energy to do both.
This issue caused me to start thinking and I even found myself talking about it one day with a trusted friend.  She gave me a copy of The Way Home by Mary Pride; and as I read that book, I found myself marking passages that really resonated with me.  Even more importantly, I found myself checking that book against my Bible and reading Proverbs 31, reading Titus 2, reading those passages where God gave us women guidance on how He wants us to serve.  I came to realize that when I thought of women at home, I saw either women with small children or the coffee klatsch wives of 1950s lore.  Reading Proverbs 31 as well as Pride's book opened my eyes to a different, more productive and God-centered way of serving at home.
I'm still a work in progress.  After all, I spent several years out in the workforce and it would be wrong to just drop everything and leave others in the lurch.  For that reason, I have spent the past six months gradually transitioning out of my work.  Currently, I am home 2 days during the week and that will shortly become three.  By 2012, I will be home full-time.  Given that my in-laws are getting older and my own parents have had some minor medical issues, God's timing as always has been perfect as my transition home has come just in time to allow me to be there to assist the aging members of my family.  I am also so very thankful that my husband has been quite supportive of what I am doing and believes in it as well. 
I will probably blog more on all of this in the future, not to mention some of my attempts at learning to be a keeper at home, but that's a brief little explanation of how I came to be here.  I have been reading various sites and blogs over the past year ("lurking" if you will), and the online world has been a great source of encouragement to me.  I'm now very excited to join it!


  1. Your blog is lovely. And your plans are the best. May it all go well.

  2. Thank you for the encouragement, and thanks for stopping by!