Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Keepers at Home Really Are Well-Read - Midweek Links

And here's today's myth - stay at home wives don't read and let their brains atrophy and turn to mush. Au contraire. Just as a doctor reads medical literature to stay up to date in the field or a banker follows the financial news and regulations closely in order to better advise customers, a keeper at home needs to constantly educate herself on her field. To that end, I talk to those who have gone before me and I read everything from cookbooks to gardening treatises to articles on cleaning solvents.

I have other interests, too, and I certainly keep up on those to the extent that I have reading time. Here is a roundup of some places I've been reading this week:

1. I blogged earlier about what I saw as the disastrous vote going on in the Presbyterian Church(USA) to amend the constitution and take out language requiring that clergy be faithful within marriage or celibate in singleness. Even within the Presbyterian Church(USA), reaction to the decision to change the church's constition and remove language requiring that all clergy either be faithful in marriage or both single and chaste met with negative reaction. The Presbyterian Lay Committee issued this statement.

2. During the Congressional budget debates, Planned Parenthood may have presented itself as a benign organization bent on providing healthcare to needy women. Anyone wondering about their stance on abortion or their political involvement should check out this story of what happened when a Kansas prosecutor took them on.

3. And while I'm talking about Planned Parenthood, this article about Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood's early history with churches and the eugenics movement bears reading. The manner in which she played the church in order to further some very un-Christian ends is a sad cautionary tale.

4. Ashley at Putting God First Place had a blog piece about prayer walks last week that I really liked. Prayer walking is also this week's Titus 2 project over on At the Well. I've been on prayer walks in other cities while on church mission trips, but she talks about how to bring this practice home and use it to minister to your own neighbors. I walk through my neighborhood already, so I'm definitely going to try what she suggests!

5. On the homemaking front, this Good Housekeeping guide to removing all kinds of different stains has saved my bacon this week! I am trying to keep a good home, but I'm still a klutz at times.

6. Also on the topic of homemaking, this article by Lady Lydia (Lydia Sherman) on the topic of homemaking when there are no children in the home really spoke to me. I do not have children of my own and while I generally have much to do, there are times I definitely struggle. Her encouragement and suggestions were wonderful to read and I plan to apply some of this to my own household.

Happy reading and have a good week!

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