Friday, May 13, 2011


The Blogger hiccup of yesterday apparently ate my much longer post about all the sad goings-on in the PC(USA). Though I was raised PCA and hold religious beliefs more conservative than what has been sloshing around the mainline Presbyterian Church (USA) for decades, I am sad to see what is happening in this and other mainline denominations. Rather than standing strong against some of the unbiblical, sinful ideas being thrown at us by the world, some churches are now preaching the world's values instead of God's. It's a terrible witness, and it makes me very sad to think that some people may think that not standing for anything and simply changing with the whims of worldly times is what Christian faith is all about.

For those who are curious, more information about what the PC(USA) has done with regard to opening the way to ordination of clergy in homosexual relationships can be found here and here.

On an unrelated note, the Blogger hiccup also ate my first ever blog comment. :( But I got to read it before it vanished into the ether, so thank you, kind soul!

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  1. That darn blogger hiccup. Well then, I'm honored to be your first visible commenter. ;) I'm so glad you found my blog-thanks for your sweet comment, it made my day. Let me know what you think of those books when you do read them.