Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fried Green Tomatoes - Can Summer be Far Behind?

I saw a wonderful sight in my tomato patch this weekend - big, firm green tomatoes! Now I need to leave enough in place to ripen for the later harvest, but I did indulge in my first fried green tomato of the year. And it was very good indeed.

Some cooks prefer flour for their tomatoes while others stick to cornmeal. I find that a mix of the two is best for me. Here is how I make our delicious treat!

1. Pour some buttermilk (about 1/2 cup or so) in a glass or ceramic bowl.

2. Put the following in a gallon storage bag: 2 parts ground cornmeal, 1 part flour, seasoning salt and pepper to taste.

3. Slice up a green tomato. Heat about 1/4 inch of vegetable oil on medium to medium high heat in skillet.

4.Dip the tomato in buttermilk to coat both side and then add to bag. Once you have a few slices in the bag, shake around to make sure they're coated with the breading mixture.

5. Add the tomatoes to the heated oil and fry in batches until golden.

6. Thank God for the harvest and enjoy the feast!

And since these are so tasty, I couldn't resist sharing the recipe at:


  1. I will have to admit that I have never eaten green tomatoes nor never fried. Sounds interesting!

  2. Jo- It's a regional dish that's very popular in the southern United States. They're quite tasty!

  3. This is such a fun post...I've never tried these, but have always wondered how they were made. Can't believe you already have tomatoes...we just have flowers of promise...not nearly enough sun yet. So nice to meet you...I smiled at your "Snuggie" comment :)

  4. I too have never tried fried green tomatoes, but they actually look pretty good to me. I've learned that *most* things are pretty good when they are fried. If I ever come across green tomatoes, I will have to buy some and try out your recipe!

  5. I have never tried fried green tomatoes either, but it sure does look yummy!

  6. Amy,
    Thanks for sharing such a great southern recipe. I haven't made them using buttermilk before, though I realize that's how they are supposed to be made. I plan to try this recipe soon. Thank you, and thanks for linking up to the Fall Harvest Blog Hop!