Monday, June 20, 2011

Little Things

Apparently, I'm not the only one who is excited to see how well the garden is growing. Looks like someone couldn't resist checking out the pepper plants!

Sometimes it's just little things that make life feel joyful....


  1. Hahaa! Uh oh, someone got caught in the Pepper pot :) our little dog likes to sneak out to our garden and eat the green beans off the plants...I'm hoping she's grown out of it for this heart but I guess I shouldn't hold my breath too long ;) she still loves our home canned ones so I'm guess she'll be all over the beans again this year once we start picking them. At least she likes vegetables :D

  2. So cute! Cats are the best pets ever! :)

  3. My cat Charlie loves to walk around the garden sniffing the plants, sometime lingering at certain flowers for an extra sniff.. She often selects plants like lavender that are scented, so I assume she loves the different smells. Today though she is indoors away from the icy cold rain. Probably asleep on the bed :)

  4. I'm hoping she's grown out of it for this *heart


    LOL Whoops, sorry about that!