Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Midweek Links - Issues Affecting Women and Families

I know these issues aren't strictly homemaking material. However, as a Christian and as someone who tries to be a responsible citizen, I find it helpful to keep up to date on various political issues that affect homes and families. And that's exactly what I have on tap this week - some informative reading on various issues. And since these are controversial issues, I will point out that since these articles are not Scripture, they are not infallible and by linking to them, I am not saying that I agree with every single word of every single one of them, though I did find them all worth reading.

The Slutwalk phenomenon is one which I have found mystifying for a number of reasons. In this article published over at LAF, British scholar Robin Phillips does a wonderful job not only of explaining the Slutwalk movement, but of unpacking the messages that it sends about women and just how damaging can be.

And here's an interesting conundrum. I've written before about feeling encouraged by the reported rise in pro-life sentiment in recent years. However, while many people of various religious affiliations report that they do not think abortion is moral, each group seems to have far more people thinking that abortion should be available in their community than the number who believe abortion is morally acceptable. Perhaps it's time for some real soul-searching as to why so many of us in this nation think that something we find morally unacceptable should be available in our communities.

Even though I don't always agree with the articles in Christianity Today, they do sometimes post things that make me think. And I did really like this article on adoption. The author has some interesting points to make in terms of adoption and orphan care as discussed in the Bible, and his article is an inspiring call to action.

I try to avoid much of the vitriol surrounding the gay marriage debate, but this article on federal governement sensitivity training rather infuriated me. I'm not ashamed to say that I believe in traditional marriage and in my mind, those who believe marriage should be between a man and a woman only are not racists or hatemongers. Far from it. The people I know who oppose gay marriage do not hate homosexuals or wish them harm. They oppose the practice of gay marriage on moral and religious grounds, and defending the Bible and the instructions that it gives us does not constitute hate speech. By equating opposition to gay marriage with racists, Christians and others who oppose the practice are being marginalized by association with a set of behaviors and school of thought(racisim) that most find abhorrent. When I see the government trying to classify Christian beliefs as "hate speech", it's impossible not to see that as a government attack on traditional Christianity and that both frightens and saddens me.

Note: Also linked at Women Living Well


  1. Wow...government sensitivity training...that is crazy! Thanks for posting these articles. :)

  2. Hi Amy, only last month I wrote about Slutwalk which seemed to have become popular in Australia. Here is my link:

    We are having a real push for gay marriages in Australia and it seems that over 60% of the population also want to see it happen. At present our government doesn't want it, partly because of Labors connectiions to the Catholic Church. I am sure it will happen in this country sometime quite soon.

  3. I believe, as you, that the issues of our day need to be exposed, thought about and prayed over. As housewives we get caught up with children, house chores and husbands. All important, but we still have a responsibility to keep up with the issues of our world. Thank you for reminding us of this.