Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm Flying - With the Occasional Detour to Sty Central

So, what does media do to our homemaking? I can think of some very clear examples off the top of my head. One category has had a very positive impact on our lives and the other is something I need to work on. As I've mentioned before, I use the Flylady system to help me organize my day to day homemaking tasks. Were it not for the internet, I would never have discovered this website and this system has made a huge difference in how I manage my home!

In addition, I am able to use the internet to search for tips on things I didn't previously know how to do such as making my own cleaning products (Christian HomeKeeper Network is wonderful for this), putting together a big spring clean, creating my own raised bed for a garden and so on. It's also wonderful to be able to connect with other likeminded women online for support and fellowship. In addition to the many great individual blogs I love to read, the community over at At the Well is very good for this for this and I am fortunate to be able to guest blog with a wonderful and encouraging group of women over at Desiring Virtue. And then there are the linkups such as this one for Media Mondays! I have discovered some wonderful resources, "met" lovely people and learned new things from what I read in posts at the various linkups. These are all things that not only encourage me, but help me to improve my homemaking abilities.

And, like most other things having to do with media, there is a flip side. While social media does enhance my homemaking skills and help me to recharge my batteries a bit, I have to be mindful of how I use it. After all, there are plenty of places online that disparage homemaking and a steady diet of that does nothing to improve my mindset or to help me see the importance of what God has called me to do.

One must also consider the use of time. Just as one can spend hours on the computer and neglect one's spouse, one can also get wrapped up in surfing the internet and neglect one's house. I will confess that I fall prey to this on occasion. Decluttering is my least favorite task of all time. To reward myself for each spot I successfully declutter, I will often take a break and play online for a bit. However, I need to watch myself or before I know it, "a bit" has turned into a significant chunk indeed! If I spend too much time online reading and not enough doing the work I need to do, my house quickly gets piled up to the degree that no one would ever believe this home has a keeper.

As with many things in life, computer media itself is neutral and our use of it makes it a positive or a negative. Used well, the computer can be a very helpful homemaking resource and source of encouragement. However, if we do not exercise self-discipline, we can end up spending so much time plugged in that we cannot do the homemaking that is our calling.

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  1. Good post! I too, need to watch my breaks to be sure "just ten minutes" does not turn into an hour! :)

  2. You are quite right, the computer can eat up your day. I usually read the net after dinner whilst lying on the couch as I am now! DH is currently watching a documentary while I catch up on my favourite blogs. I'm quite good at watching TV and read blogs at the same time:).

    I find many of craft ideas and recipes from the net, it really it a a great resource.

  3. I found your blog via Modern Christian Bride. Great post. I used to use FL and still think it's a great system! Over the years, I took her system and modified it to suit my schedule & family better (and made it more simple!) I'm following you now & looking forward to reading more!

  4. Excellent thoughts! So true! So oftne I neglect the best for the good....thanks for reminding me!

  5. The computer can take up our whole day but it does keep us so much better organized in many ways; I don't have to spend hours looking for stuff because it is often on my computer.

  6. Love the picture... it says it all doesn't it? I think if we could get that set up too many of us would never leave the computer.. stick in a load, watch the pot and keep on surfing the net!