Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Midweek Links - Comfort Reads

I've been sick all week so far, so both online and offline, I've been hauling out my comfort reads. Here are a few of the online variety that I will share with you:

1. I love hymns and I was thrilled to find a huge online selection of hymnals. My favorite has long been the Trinity Hymnal, and I will thrilled to be able to read over my favorite worship songs here. Since I don't own a paper copy of this hymnal (yet!), it's a wonderful devotional tool. The main menu is also a good way to search songs from other Christian churches all over the world.

2. When you're a little ruffled around the edges, Courtney's bubble bath primer is great for setting up a healing relaxation time with God.

3. This one's cheating a little because it's not strictly an online read, but sometimes when I'm sick, I want something that will make me smile and laugh. The Grandma's Attic series which starts here is wonderful! Yes, I know they're children's books. I read them as a child and I reread them now on occasion because they're good.

4. Sometimes I also just like to be inspired by reminders of the wonder of God's creation. The National Geographic photo archives are wonderful for that. Just check out this gallery!

5. And last but not least...since I love fruit and chocolate combos, this strawberry pie with chocolate crust from Far Above Rubies is something I have been craving for days!


And in other news, keep an eye out on Mondays. I am joining the Media Mondays series hosted by Women Living Well, and I'll be blogging here about how the "Silent Addiction" to social media can affect us as keepers at home.


  1. I hope you are feeling better. I have caught a cold and feeling very sniffly. And to make it worse I am currently away visiting a young family so not really the place to be sick:(.

  2. Jo - I pray you're feeling better soon! I think I'm finally on the mend, but I know have a sniffly cold is not fun.