Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm on the Road Today...

Today I'm posting over at Desiring Virtue. If you haven't checked this blog out before, it's a wonderful community of Christian women talking about homemaking, recipes, theology and much more. Jessalyn has put together a wonderful group and I'm so happy to be part of what's happening over there!

This time I'm writing about my own testimony. While I've given it in various forms at retreats and church events over the years, this is the first time I can remember actually writing it down to publish. Here's a preview:

I’ve known people who have those amazing, “Road to Damascus” moments in their testimony where in one mighty act, God turned their hearts to Him. God’s grace has worked in my life in more subtle ways so I cannot pinpoint one exact moment where I went from unbelief to belief. For me, salvation has been more of a process than one event.

I was raised in the church. I grew up in a strong and wonderful Presbyterian (PCA) church in Virginia where I found myself surrounded by a church family that loved each other and loved the Lord. It was a lovely place to grow up and to learn, and I don’t think I remember a time when I didn’t believe in Christ as Savior. I did all of the usual “good Christian girl” things like studying the Bible, and reading wonderful books such as Beautiful Girlhood, which made me want to grow up to be the sort of woman I saw modeled for me in the church. However, it was a childhood faith focused very much on what I needed to do and I still had much to learn about who God wanted me to be...

And you can find the rest here at Desiring Virtue.


  1. Great words, Amy! Reading any testimony of how God brought someone to Christ is very encouraging and inspiring. Being part of the Christian family - with awesome sisters like you - it's the coolest thing.

  2. I'm thankful that God moved you to seek out a church where you would be taught what your soul needed to hear from God. And, that you make your faith your own.
    Thank you for linking up.

  3. Testimonies are so wonderful. Glorifying God and encouraging others. Thank you!