Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Midweek Links - Good Enough to Eat

I found these cucumber recipes via a linkup on At the Well earlier this week. Now, I have a borderline obsession deep fondness for cucumbers, squash and summer veggie treats in general, so I pounced on these recipes and will definitely be using them.

I wanted to make a special "date night" dinner for my husband a few weeks ago because he had just gotten some really good job news. So, I dusted off a trusty steak recipe from The Pioneer Woman. I only make this on very rare occasions but it is all kinds of delicious! My one substitution? Instead of Lawry's seasoning salt, I use a lower sodium spice blend such as one of the blends Penzeys offers.

This is an especially wonderful time of year to visit the local farmers' market. I'm very fortunate because in the area where I live, our markets tend to be cheaper than the local grocery and the produce has much more flavor. The Modern Mrs. Darcy has a guide to the farmers' market full of helpful tips for farmers' market shopping.

I first tried this Dirt Cake recipe from the Women Living Well blog at a picnic where I knew a number of my little cousins would be there. It was a big hit, so I'm definitely keeping it in my potluck file!

Eat well, and have a blessed week!


  1. I love date nights with a husband though I'm still single!

  2. I wish my sons were young, they would have loved Dirt Cake a few years ago.

    The steak recipe did look nice, we all eat our steak differently -my son covers his with a mix of spices, my husband covers his with lots of chiili and I like a rib and wing sauce so we each do our own! I also don't like my raw, whilst my husband likes the blood running:)