Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Midweek Links - John Stott

Last week, one of the theologians whose writing has greatly inspired me went home to the Lord. His name was John Stott, and you can learn more about him here and here. If you have never read his works, I recommend starting with Basic Christianity. Most of Stott's work is more abstract than the practical homemaking advice I get from some of the other books that grace my bookcase, but his exploration and explanations of Christian faith exalt Christ in wonderful ways and help the reader to understand the ideas underlying how we respond to Christ's call in living out our callings as homemakers, daughters, wives, mothers - as Christians.

In their response to the news of John Stott's death, the 9 Marks featured a quote from John Stott's work on their blog (thank you to Jessalyn for introducing me to this helpful website). This description of the conviction one feels when thinking upon the cross is vividly rendered and I found it powerful as well. And if you would like to see more quotes from his large body of work, here are some more.

As I mentioned above, Basic Christianity is a wonderful place to start in reading Stott's work. And there's even a giveaway of this book going on now over at Visionary Womanhood.

And if you're curious to see what John Stott has to say about himself and his work, this 2001 interview is very interesting. And after reading it, I'm now tempted to pick up the books Stott mentions!


  1. It's been so nice this week to see the tributes to Stott all over the web. Thanks for sharing the links!

  2. I was just telling a friend that I want to read more about and by Stott...and I love 9Marks...need to head over and see what they said. Biographies of godly men and women have probably impacted most (aside from God's Word)