Friday, September 23, 2011

In the Garden

At times, my gardening tends toward the lackadaisical. There's always an excuse, if perhaps a thin one. Errand running makes me too tired to weed or my fair-skinned and redheaded self just doesn't want to brave the unrelenting heat of a Virginia summer.

Excuses have consequences, though. If I don't get out there and water daily or tend to the weeds and the bugs, things happen. Tomatoes will grow only so far and then stop, beginning to wilt and crumble in the dryness. Stunted plants will fail to bear vegetables.

It's rather obviously like life, isn't it? There are always days where I can feel so tired that I rebel against time in the Word or see it as chore rather than blessing. And I imagine everyone has times when they do not care to stand firm in the heat of public opinion about faith.

Yet, if I do not persist in seeking Him, will I not cease to grow? If I sit in silence and turn away from belief, how will I bear fruit?

This was written in five minutes with no editing for Five Minute Fridays over at The Gypsy Mama.

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  1. so, so true! A great post with a great reminder that is so true. How easy it is to let our "gardens" fill up with so much good stuff, yet so much junk because we don't take the time or effort to "weed" out the stuff that shouldn't be in there. The things that crowd out all the good stuff.

  2. I felt so convicted reading this. Yesterday Statistics Canada called - they're gathering opinions about our health care. The interviewer asked me if I thought that society was getting better or worse; if I felt as though people are generally good or not. I told him that I believe we're all inherently evil. He probably thought I was a nut case. Especially because I had the perfect opportunity to share the Gospel. And I didn't take it.

  3. This is beautiful. It's so true! I definitely need to take some time and see if I need some watering or weeding today.

  4. so true..we sometime forget to take out the stuff that crowd good things. u write well. thank you for ur comment on my blog.I am a beginner myself.

  5. You always have such simple but full of truth things to say, Amy! I'm loving reading your blog! Thanks!

  6. Tomatoes are such a perfect example of the need for water every single day to grow. Loved your post.

  7. How true, my garden has been a bit neglected over winter and it tells, which shows how important it is to keep on working at our Christian life and growing closer to Christ. A very good reminder, thanks Amy.

  8. Powerful, convicting words! How simple a truth that our hearts need food and water to grow, yet how easily we can neglect it's care.

  9. It's all about being intentional, isn't it?! We have to purposefully weed and water the garden, and we have to purposefully seek our Saviour.

    Great post-