Thursday, October 13, 2011

The "I Love You" Spinach

When people talk about love, or see romantic movies, focus often lies on the grand gestures. Public, choreographed marriage proposals capture the public imagination.

However, in a marriage, it's all the little everyday actions that really show we love each other. All of those little ways in which we put our spouse before ourselves create an atmosphere of love in the house.

Even though it's been a long day at work, my husband sometimes takes a little detour to pick up treats for me at the candy store. We take turns doing the cat box so no one person has to do it every day.

And then there's the spinach. I was making dinner a few nights ago and I washed off a few handfuls to throw into the stew. I could have left the stray spinach leaves in the sink. Or I could pick it up myself. These are the simple little choices we make every day for our spouses.

While Phillipians 2:3 speaks not of marriage specifically, the exhortation to, "Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves," seems applicable to marriage as much as to other relationships. After all, we're called to serve our husbands and they are to love us as Christ loved the church. I can make my husband's life a tiny bit easier - or not. And he can do the same for me. The little choices we make in dealing with each other every day go far to set the tone in our home. What choices will you make?


  1. This is exactly what I've been working on lately!

    When my husband tosses his shirts toward the laundry basket and they inevitably land on the floor, I pick them up without a word of nagging. When he leaves his dirty dishes in the living room, I take them to the kitchen and wash them, while keeping my mouth shut. When he leaves his textbooks, papers, and tests all over the living room, I stack them neatly on his desk and praise God that my husband is such a diligent student.

    Thank you for reminding me of my goal and for showing me that someone else out there is working for the little things, too. :-)

  2. Very nicely said. So sad that most of the time I am looking for ways that he can make my life easier rather than looking for ways to make his life easier! Thus sanctification continues!!!!!

  3. The little things are truly important in marriage. Sometimes the littlest thing or gesture can mean much more! Thank you for the encouragement to be patient with my husband, and to continue loving him through small gestures!

  4. I so very much appreciate this is those little choices.
    Ours early in marriage was about corn.
    Corn in recipes--I like, but he doesn't.
    Even's this bizarre moment each time a check a recipe to decide whether or not to keep the corn in.
    Sounds so silly...but every little choice like that is a step (or a statement) in one direction or this one!

  5. Awesome post -- and so true. Attention to the little things is why we have small curd cottage cheese when I do the shopping and large curd when my husband does.