Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Book Review: Plan a Fabulous Party (Without Losing Your Mind)

The Book: Plan a Fabulous Party(Without Losing Your Mind)
By Mary Carver
ebook, $7.99, available HERE

As you probably saw from my post yesterday, I'm not the perfect homemaking machine. I'm actually a little hospitality-challenged. So, when Mary Carver of Giving Up on Perfect offered me a chance to review an advance copy of her ebook, I jumped right on it. Considering that I'm the sort who would probably be awkward enough to take the advice, "Party like the house is on fire," a bit too literally, I figured out pretty quickly that I'm definitely the intended audience for this book.

If you're highly skilled with crafts, a flawless chef, ruthlessly organized, and could give Martha Stewart a run for her money when it comes to throwing a party, you may not need a hostess guide. I'd love to be on your guest list, though!

If you're like the rest of us who would love to entertain but need some encouragement, this book will be perfect for you. Carver goes through basic aspects of planning any event (budget, theme, food, venue, guest list, etc..) and gives the reader helpful ideas on how to pull everything together. The result is a step-by-step guide to party planning which breaks everything down into small pieces that feel very manageable. There's even a schedule at the back that lets hostesses know what needs to be done and when they would need to do it.

Most importantly of all, not only does the author take a very encouraging tone as she tells readers how to plan that fantastic event, she also starts things off by helping readers get right to the heart of what they're doing. We are urged to consider the purpose of any gathering we might be hosting, and then to work from there. Being purposeful in our hospitality is so important. I also appreciated the reminder that every person attending an event brings his or her own perspective into that event as well and we need to keep those in mind while planning. It's easy to get wrapped up in the details of budget, invitations and food prep and to lose sight of the reasons we may have in our hearts for wanting or needing to bring others together.

So, whether you're trying to figure out the practical side of extending hospitality or you're an experienced hostess who would love to throw a party without getting overwhelmed by the planning details, I think you'll find Plan a Fabulous Party(Without Losing Your Mind) well worth reading. It's a wonderful resource - and I know I'll be using those checklists!


  1. That books sounds like something I need to read. My mother, while a wonderful lady, hates practicing hospitality and so the very thought of doing it makes me cringe. My husband, on the other hand, came from a family where they always had people over. I am learning slowly, though most of the time I must admit I am doing it for Jesus and not because I necessarily want to. :-)

  2. I'm not big on entataining, always worried something might go wrong. As a child my mum entatained a lot as I came from a big family. She did it with such ease. My husband isn't overly keen on lots of poeple in the house which is one reason why we don't entatain very much.