Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Midweek Links - The Rose Edition

I've been thinking lately about how much I adore roses. Perhaps they're not the first thing that comes to mind on a crisp fall day, but this photograph by blog designer extraordinaire H. Rae has stayed in my mind since I first saw it.

I'm also a bit of a perfume lover. Evelyn Rose perfume by Crabtree & Evelyn has been a favorite since college. And my husband found me a beautiful new perfume treat that is perfect for fall and winter. Rose Absulute is a delicious, almost spicy rose. I love wearing this one in the fall and winter - such a lovely interpretation of God's creation.

And speaking of being inspired by roses, I love the English Cottage and Petite Rosebuds cozies over at Cozy Tea Treasures. I discovered this Etsy shop via a giveaway at Raising Homemakers, and I have enjoyed browsing all kinds of adorable cozies over there. I'm co-hosting a bridal shower tea party in January with a good friend, so I may get one for the occasion.

I actually read this piece by Angela Nazworth earlier this summer, but it stuck with me. I love her thoughts on literally stopping to smell the roses and appreciate God's creation. And the Heroines of the Faith blog has all kinds of lovely rosy images on it, and there's even a homeschool unit study focused on roses in the archives.

So, what do you do to "stop and smell the roses?"


  1. Oh yes! I am a rose gal too! I was just photographing some bright pink ones last night! I actually had to turn the lights off to get the right color:)

    That spicy rose perfume sounds scrumptious!

  2. I love roses! They are so beautiful! I love the photos you used today! Have a blessed day!

  3. I'm with you all - roses are just beautiful. I have a couple of rose plants and this week 2 of them produced roses that I now have picked and have been admiring. They are near my kitchen sink so I can enjoy them whilst working in the kitchen.

    What glorious photos:) I can almost smell their scent. I will have to look out for the scent you mentioned.

  4. Awww… Lovely! I just planted two climbing rose bushes, one in pink and one in white…

  5. What a surprise! I popped by to say "hello" and found my praises being sung instead. Isn't that photo yummy? I'm especially pleased with it myself.

    To stop and smell the roses, I generally make room for some puppy time with my poodle and get away from the computer. :)

    Take care, friend!

  6. Oh, I love roses, too! Whenever we've roses coming up in the garden, or when my husband brings me a bouquet, I'd find time to gaze at them and take some photos.

    I'll be checking the links on this post - thanks!
    Have a wonderful day!