Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Breath of Heaven

As I mentioned yesterday, sometimes I find myself imagining what Mary must have thought upon learning she was chosen by God to bear the Messiah and while she was pregnant. The very thought of being in her shoes is beautiful, terrifying and challenging all at once. After all, there is the amazing wonder of the miracle itself. And then the frightening thought of actually being pregnant with this miraculous child of GOd - not to mention the fear Mary must have had about the world around her. Mary lived in a small village and being a pregnant virgin would not be an easy thing to explain. And even when one gets past those thoughts, what about after Jesus is born? How in the world does an imperfect person parent God?

Mary had a lot to think about And yet the Bible tells us that she was faithful and submitted to God. This song, sung by Amy Grant, captures that aspect of Mary very well and it's such a moving song.


  1. I love this song. Very nice post!

  2. I am loving your music choices lately! :)

  3. "...hold me together..."

    It is He who truly holds us together, giving us breath, strength, life. Thank you for sharing.