Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Midweek Links - Advent

IN addition to being a festive season, Advent is also a season of waiting and contemplation for many of us. I've been posting Songs of Advent here on the blog, and I've also really enjoyed some of the heartfelt Advent posts that I've been reading around the web. So much so, that I think it's going to take two weeks of Midweek Links to get them to you!

My cousin's children are just getting to the age where they are conscious of this season and she want to teach them about Advent. I love this idea from Melissa Nesdahl about mixing fun treats with scriptural lessons. It seems like the sort of idea that helps children not only learn what Advent is really all about but also to share in its joy.

Speaking of teaching children about Advent and about Christ, I really liked this piece on (in)courage encouraging parents to bring even their very young children into the celebration. We tend to talk about (and blog about) the many layers of meaning in Christmas, but this idea brings things down to the level of a small child so that they can become part of it early, and I plan to do this for my little cousins who spend time in my house.

A bit less child-centered but still very practical was this article by Glynis Whitwer over on At the Well. She talks about crafting traditions as lives change - whether by marriage, the addition of children, the death of a loved one, etc... Her reminder that God brings new things into our lives and that we need to work with what we have is a good one.

On a more serious note, Becky Pliego has been presenting a series in honor of Advent which focuses upon the many names of Jesus. It's called Proclaiming the Excellencies of His Name, and you can find the opening entry here. She and other writers move through various names of Jesus(Emmanuel, Prince of Peace, etc..) while sharing prayers, meditations and poetry for a reading experience that is very meaningful this time of year.

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