Friday, December 9, 2011

Rejoice, Rejoice Believers!

Earlier this month, I wrote of how Advent not only commemorated Christ's first coming, but pointed my mind forward to that second coming we all await.

For that reason, the parable of the ten virgins found in Matthew 25 comes to my mind when I think of Advent. Not only do we anticipate remembrance of the birth of Christ, but this time serves for me as reminder that we must also be ready for Christ's return. The traditional Advent hymn, "Rejoice, Rejoice Believers!" appeals to me because its lyrics reference not only the birth of Christ but also those watching for their bridegroom to appear.

The traditional renderings of this hymn are beautiful. However, this modern version put together by Paul van der Bijl and the Chicago Metro Presbytery(PCA) really struck me. I really like the musical style used here much more than I expected, and the alleluia of this song will sound in my mind for a long, long time.

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  1. I cannot get enough of this song! Thank you so much for sharing. I am loving all the songs you're posting that celebrate the joy of the season. Thank you.