Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Strange Way to Save the World

I've posted songs earlier in this series looking at the birth of Christ through Mary's eyes. This is one of the few songs I've heard that puts us in Joseph's shoes. How odd it must have seemed to him, to live a simple life and have that life changed completely by a pregnant virgin bride and a messiah coming into the world not with pomp and circumstance, but in the most humble of circumstances! Standing in that stable, looking at a fragile newborn baby lying in a manger surrounded by animals, God's plan for saving the world must have looked quite unlike anything Joseph would ever have imagined. And yet he and Mary trusted in God and this "strange way to save the world" really did come to pass.

"Quiet", "awe-inspiring", and "beautiful" are all words and phrases I hear used to describe the miracle of Christmas and they are apt. However, "strange" is another word that fits for when you really think about it, what God brought to Earth that night in Bethlehem really is strange and miraculous and there is nothing else like it in history. This version of the song is performed by 4Him and I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Dear Amy,

    Thank you for your kind words. I've been offline for awhile - I think it had something to do with hormones. I'd started to feel more like myself, so I came back online, and then - well, I know why I felt normal again. It's hard. And painful - in both ways. But it's encouraging to know someone out there is thinking of me.


  2. Great post Amy... I love your take on the song. It's great that we were inspired by the same song so close together! God is good! Blessings!