Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Midweek Links - In Search of Good Teaching

I've been spending more and more time in God's Word lately, and it has been wonderful! I've been feeling inspired by some of my favorite blogs, and being a contributor at Desiring Virtue has really led me to focus on my own Bible studies(Jessalyn and the other writers at DV share some wonderful information!) while being part of OneVerse bloggers has caused me to take that fucus and start turning it outward.

As part of that, I've really been seeking good teaching. One of my favorite sources is the sermon bank from my childhood church. If you are looking for some good teaching, check this out. Trinity Presbyterian Church (PCA) has a database that goes back to the 1980s and features sermons from a whole host of wise teachers. And if you feel inclined to wander around the website, they often have all kinds of other audio download treasures to be found.

As someone who comes at theology from a Reformed perspective, I also find many helpful articles and sermons on John Piper's website, Desiring God. For me, a real test of a teacher's effectiveness is not just whether he or she imparts information, but whether that person also makes me think. The things I find on Desiring God make me think (and pray, and maybe squirm a little).

And if you haven't checked out Daily On My Way to Heaven, you really should. Becky Pliego's thoughtful commentary has taught me so much, and she includes links to all kinds of helpful sources in many of her posts.

So, this obviously only scratches the surface. The Bible is obviously our best teacher, but I am thankful to be able to benefit from others' wisdom about God in addition to it. What are some of your favorite sources of good teaching?


  1. Great resources Amy :). After you commented on my site, I popped over to yours and was delighted to find "Desiring Virtue" through you. So excited to find homemakers blogging from a reformed perspective!!! I really enjoy listening to John Piper's Biographies. I've also been into Mark Driscoll's sermons a little bit lately. I like listening to sermons while I iron :).

  2. Thank you for providing these resources! Like Rachel, I enjoy listening to sermans from Mark Driscoll. I also tune into Al Mohler's podcast where he has what he likes to call "conversations" with professors, pastors, and historians. Really stretches my mind!

    As for Bible studies, Beth Moore probably has the best studies I have gone through thus far. Her discoveries really make me excited to learn more about the Bible.