Friday, January 27, 2012

Sweetest Moments

Sometimes it's the everyday things that yield the sweetest, most tender moments.

My tiny little cat gazing out the window....

My husband who pretends to be tough but lets all three cats pile up on him at once....

My husband tucking the covers back around me when they slide off....

My brother walking with my grandma, shortening his stride to her, and carrying her purse....

My neighbor outside with his little daughters and the bubble wrap, jumping because they love the sound of it....

The pastor at dedications carrying tiny babies around for the whole church to see and leading their toddler siblings gently by the hand....

The elderly client feeding his wife lunch and holding her hand every day, even on the days she cannot remember who he is....

Theses are the moments that take your breath away.


This was written in five minutes with no editing for Five Minute Fridays over at The Gypsy Mama.


  1. Hello! I'm glad to cross your path again! So true these are precious, sweet moments... love how you've captured them!

  2. This was so poignant, Amy, I loved it - and I love those sweet moments, too. The way you described them were so vivid in my mind :)

  3. Beautiful little moments, especially the last. Thanks for sharing.

  4. so true and have captured so well those intimate tender moments of caring, serving, and loving...Thank you, Amy...glad to meet you :)

  5. So sweet! When we stop to look life is full of tender gifts isn't it! I'm glad you stopped by today and I was able in turn to read your thoughts also!

  6. Completely agree, wonderful memories.

  7. That pic of your cat looking out the window is soooooooo cute! Love those little moments as well!

  8. Thanks for commenting on mine and giving me the opportunity to read yours! Those sound like amazing memories and the way you've described them make me eager for when i'll get to experience them too!

  9. such beautiful moments to treasure

  10. These were truly beautiful and poetic thoughts. Such a pleasure to read. :)

  11. Beautiful post! I also love these moments, they are so sweet and I long to savor each one as much as possible! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and inspiring post.