Friday, January 13, 2012

Waking Up the Winter

Winter is sleepy time. Short days, long dark nights wrapped in warm blankets. Even in this year's unseasonable warmth, I find my "get up and go" giving way to the impulse to curl up with books and rest. The longing for community remains sharp as ever, the wanting to connect and make friends online as well as in real time persists, but the creating is a little harder.

Sometimes renewal means needing rest and thoughts build in my mind, I find myself fighting it. I want to live awake into the winter rather than hibernate. God has been bringing new thoughts to me, and some I need to ponder in my heart, but others beg for expression. That awake feeling of living rather than sitting back to watch life for a season has been taking hold. And so I wonder what this winter will bring, packed as it is with family events, books to read, fellowship online and off, and dreams to dream. Whatever it is, I want to see it with my eyes open. This dreamer wants to awaken.

This was written in five minutes with no editing for Five Minute Fridays over at The Gypsy Mama.


  1. Beautiful! Loved your post and your blog! I'm a new follower!

    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  2. Beautiful call to stay awake through all our seasons!

  3. That polar bear photo and your words made me smile... what a lovely call to be awake to the dreams He places on our hearts :)

  4. "That awake feeling of living rather than sitting back to watch life for a season has been taking hold."
    How brave you are! What a gutsy thing to proclaim. That inspires me Amy, thank you very much for sharing. And what a joy to see your kind words on my blog today. I cannot tell you how much that truly means to me!

  5. Amy, this is really good writing! I can't believe you wrote this in five minutes.

    I like what you explored here: hibernation and expression. I learned something new recently: to think of the time you go to bed as the start of your day, instead of thinking of it as the end of your day. Rest always proceeds activity. It's hard for me to grasp that, but I've been more diligent about resting, and it's having an impact on what I'm able to accomplish.

  6. AAh Amy- I am your firend! (: I am feeling that desire to renew too.

  7. I love this!!
    And the polar bear! How adorable!!!

  8. I love polar bears and that is one of my favourite photos.

    We are meant to be in the middle of summer, however here I sit with my winter slippers and a cardigan - it is cold and overcast. Summer simply hasn't arrived yet.

    These grey days are depressing. I like being rugged up in winter with a book and a hot chocolate - they are wonderful lazy days:)

  9. Dreaming with you, my friend! Linking up through Gypsy Mama. I also desire to connect with others in community online as I write and share what the Lord is teaching me. I want to live the abundant life the Lord desires for us. Journeying with you, my friend! Nice to "meet" you!