Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why a Joyful Home?

Some days it feels like homemaking is a race against the invading raccoons and coyotes, dust and clutter to simply keep the house from falling down. However, deep in my heart, I know that's not my only purpose in life. I don't just want my home to avoid sliding down the hill (seriously, you should see my driveway - it scares the UPS guy!); God calls us to more than mere survival.

Everywhere I turn in Scripture, there is joy. People cry out to God in joy, the Psalms ring with joyful song("Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth!" - Psalm 100:1, and that's just one reference of many), and we are exhorted constantly to serve God in joy. Indeed, Paul tells us in Galatians 5:22 that joy is one of the fruits of the Spirit produced in the lives of believers.

Some folks have asked me why I named my blog, "Making a Joyful Home." And offline, I've had people ask why I want to focus my efforts on home. The answers to those questions really run together. I am a homemaker and I also work from home because that is where God has called me. And it is a calling I undertake with joy. I know, too, that it is a blessing I have been given.

On the messy and hectic days, life can feel more like drudgery than blessing, but when I take time to start thinking of what God has been doing in my life, in my marriage and in my home, my heart must change. Seeking God and trying earnestly, if imperfectly, to follow His calling has deepened my walk with Him to a degree I've never known before. And actually creating a home base for my family centers us; no longer do my husband and I have that sense that we are striving in directions that take us away from each other.

It's change. And it's a lot of work. Keeping house takes plenty of effort, but prayerfully making that house a home and a center of warmth and comfort can require much sometimes. And yet, when I see how God is moving, I can count it all joy. It's not a happy party here every day and there are some days when I fall short of who God would have me be and complain more than rejoice. But every day I strive to follow Him and to serve with joy.


  1. Thanks for this encouragement, Amy! I am totally of the same mind as you in regards to serving home through the good and bad days. There really is a joy in it and I love it when I think about it during a bad day.

  2. Loved your post and feel so deeply that making a joyful home is one of the most important things we ever do. I also love to read and saw that you had recently read Renee Swope's book, A Confident Heart. I loved that book and am rereading it again with Renee in an online Bible study that she's just started at Proverbs 31 ministries. It's going to be a great study if you're interested!

  3. Yes. yes. Yes. YES. YES!
    (this is what I was saying while reading your post) :)

    I agree wholeheartedly. thanks for sharing your heart today.