Monday, February 13, 2012

Making Plans

As you probably figured out already, I tend to write about a whole variety of topics here - everything from homemaking to thinking about life and faith. Lately, I've decided that I want to have more a schedule because it helps me focus my thoughts. So, here is what you can expect to find in my little corner of the internet:

Monday - whatever I feel inspired to write - you might see anything coming up here (kind of a like a real Monday!)

Tuesday - homemaking/recipes

Wednesday - Midweek Links - links to articles that I think more people ought to see

Thursday - thoughts about life, faith, God

Friday - Five Minute Fridays; I love the Five Minute Fridays writing prompts over at The Gypsy Mama, and they really help me think and get more creative as a writer!

So, is there anything you want to see more of here?

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