Friday, March 2, 2012

The Ache of Here and There

White Lilies As one of my favorite bloggers has written, "this world is not our home." Somehow that seems more acute when we lose someone we love.

My grandmother died late this fall, and since she was a devout believer, I know where she has gone. The pain fades with time, but there's an ache that lingers. An ache of memory and love and times shared together on this earth.

There's also an ache because with every death on earth, that sense that I am not home intensifies. There's something about knowing that others have gone home ahead of me that makes that homeward pull feel stronger. This world has its truly beautiful moments and memories, but that ache reminds me it's only for a season.

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  1. So true, Amy. We ache because we know we don't belong. We ache because love knows no bounds. We ache because we know what is to come...

    Always enjoy reading the words you can shed in 5 minutes, friend!

  2. "There's something about knowing that others have gone home ahead of me that makes that homeward pull feel stronger."

    This is so beautiful, and so true. Both of my husband's parents are deceased, and I see that "homeward pull" even stronger in him, because his parents are already gone. And I get what you're saying. It's real. And it reminds us, again, that this is not our home. But there are moments, even days, when I forget.

    Thank you for this beautiful, and timely, reminder. ~HUGS

  3. I totally hear you on this. I lost my Gram last year too, and there are others I long to see again, but what I look forward to most, is seeing my Heavenly Father and the face of Christ...I love the feeling of coming home when we have been away. Can you imagine the wonderful feeling that going home will be?!
    Wonderful post!

    1. Thanks, and my sympathies on the loss of your Gram. I know it's hard.

  4. I like your perspective. And I hear you about the ache having a purpose of reminding me of the beauty, too. Bless you this weekend!