Friday, March 9, 2012

All Wrung Out

Wrung Out There are some days when I feel like I've just spent out all of myself that I have to spend. You know the sort I mean. Those demanding days of eleventy thousand and one errands, or sick family, or too many plans and just enough surprises to throw it all out of whack.

And when you feel like having nothing left to give, what to do? In those moments of feeling so completely wrung out, I ache. And I plead with God and I pray and I remember.

It's not myself that is the source of strength, the source of anything I have to give. I'm not alone. Even in this world, I'm not alone.

With all of my worrying and all of my many things, I may feel so emptied out sometimes. Yet He will fill me again. He reaches into all of those empty places, speaks to them of life, and reminds me to seek His face.

This was written in five minutes with no editing for Five Minute Fridays over at The Gypsy Mama. Do you have five minutes? Write a little something and join us!


  1. "...I may feel so emptied out sometimes. Yet He will fill me again."
    There really is a flow of seasons in our giving-out, isn't there? He lets us get all wrung out sometimes, but He never leaves us like that to dry completely. He always soaks us full of Him again!
    Good reminder! Visiting from FMF.

  2. Oh, yes, Amy. I long to be filled by Him. Why do we always wait till we're on that big red 'E' before we ask Him to fill us up? I wonder...
    thank you for blessing me today, friend!

  3. I love how your picture matches perfectly to how we feel when we are in that place. So glad He fills us up, sometimes we don't even have to ask.

  4. Such a great reminder that the Lord always gives us what we need when we need it. He's so good that way:)

    Thanks for popping in on my five minutes this week. Lovely to have you!

  5. So understand the need to have him fill us up on those days that wrung us out.

  6. Very good reminder - beautifully said.