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OneVerse and the Vidunda (Midweek Links)

The work of OneVerse is something that has really touched my heart, and I am so honored to be a OneVerse blogger. As you may know, OneVerse is working to ensure that everyone in the world will have access to the Bible in his or her own language, and we as OneVerse bloggers are part of a project to raise funds for the translation of the Bible into the language of the Vidunda people in Tanzania. That photo above is the verse funded by my $26.00 gift last month. You can find more info on the project HERE.

When I see how far translation has progressed, I remember back in college when I read the book of Matthew closely for the first time. Even now, I can recall that feeling of conviction as I pondered Christ's teachings and saw His model for how we are to be His disciples. And I wonder how it will be for the Vidunda people when for the first time they get to hear this call. That feeling of God's Word soaking deep into the heart is like no other on this earth, and I want all of our brothers and sisters in Christ to be able to know it.

I've been following the progress of the Vidunda translation through the OneVerse website and via email with others on the OneVerse bloggers team, and there is so much to praise and so much to pray for. In this March 2012 report and prayer request, I found out that some sections of translation are already being tested and read aloud to people to see how well they can be understood. Can you imagine how amazing this must be both for the translators and for the people hearing God's Word for the first time? It gives me chills to think about it!

We're trying to get God's Word to these children and their parents!
(photo courtesy of The Seed Company)

And in case you wanted to see just how much this work means to the Vidunda people, I want to share with you a letter received from the Vidunda translation team in Tanzania at Christmas that really touched our hearts:
The seed company,
The team of support,
Dear Christians,
In the name of Jesus Christ, we greet you all.
The Vidunda translation team on behalf of the Vidunda people, we greet you all, by saying, ”Thanks a lot for supporting our project and making the people to receive the Word of God in their language.”
We are very happy and grateful to hear that the group of people on the other side of the world are crying for the Vidunda, this is great.
Our Lord, Jesus Christ, will encourage you and the Holy Spirit will continue to work in you all, continue to support so that our people might be saved through this word of truth.
Our people also needs the work of God strongly through preaching, book marks, pamphlets, and anything which could help them to get out of their beliefs in spirits.
Please, just pray for us, so that God could save us through the blood of his Holy son, Jesus Christ, as he has been saying, ”Those who believe in me could be saved, because I’m the way of life”.
God be with us all, have a good Christmas and happy new year!
Damas-Vidunda group leader.
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  1. What a blessing. Honestly, tears are in my eyes. Thank you for sharing this and sharing the letter. I had never heard of One Verse before now.

    I had the privilege of visiting a tribe in Ecuador whose language is not written. Sharing the gospel with those people has been a challenge to the men and women God has sent. Praise God for crossing barriers and bringing his Word to people everywhere regardless of difficulties!

    You have challenged me to look into One Verse more. I am very, very interested in this ministry. Thanks!