Friday, April 5, 2013

Walking the Path of After

As much I love pretty pictures, sometimes the very prettiest pictures of Christian faith just don't tell the whole story. You know the ones I mean, the portrayals of Christianity as the happy club where everyone's always smiling. The knowledge that we are dead in our sins but given life because Christ died for us is the most amazing miracle there is. It's knowledge that brings deep and abiding joy and it would be nice to be perky and happy happy happy every day, but I still live in this world.

And that path of life after receiving Christ still has struggles. I've walked it through stressful days, the decision to move from career to making serving God from home the center of my life, watching my grandmother grow ever feebler, and a devastating miscarriage. The way of Christ is not easy street in this world. Things still happen that hurt so much they turn me inside out. But you know what? I don't walk it alone. My God is with me and comforts me, and He strengthens me day by day.

Walking that path of life after becoming a Christian and acknowledging Christ as my savior has not been a 24 hour party but even in the darkest of days, I can feel the warmth of hope and the knowledge that there is a Savior. And that hope is the part of after that I treasure.

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Five Minute Friday


  1. if is was all happy after... where would be the depth and the real beauty?

    thanks for reminding me of that question today! it is easy to get into the pity-party mode when all is not as i want or expect.

  2. Dear Amy
    Yes, life is NOT easy! Especially not when we come to our Lord for He starts cleaning us up a bit, doesn't He!!

  3. Life after Christ may not always be happy, happy but we have now have someone on our side. SOmeone who will comfort us and be with us no matter what.

  4. My bible study group has spend the last few years talking about how important it is that we are real with each. That we honestly share our ups and downs (maybe not the details but the struggles) in order to show the true grace, mercy and love of the God we serve. Thank you for the reminder that I need to also be real to my online as well as my IRL friends.

  5. Beautiful photo and piece. That photo speaks volumes to open the door for your post. I know what you mean, even thinking that the pressure is on to appear happy b/c one is a Christian. But, when I think about this at one level, I realize that the purpose and joy of Christ in life is in the process of making it with Him alongside, where we're not alone and know it. I had to take on intentional spiritual growth to figure some of that out - b/c I was otherwise functioning on more of the emotion of it all and couldn't figure out where my "happy" went sometimes ... in fact, there was not much "happy" to go around sometimes. I'm so glad that God is faithful and grows us up along the way - moving us into a real relationship with Him one step at a time.
    When we can move through things with His peace, I think it's visible. Isn't that what defines more than 'mere' Christianity ... but an awesome anchor of the soul! "Never give up". Somewhere in the reeling from things in life, it becomes more and more apparent, I am not alone -though, as you said ... it's not easy and as I always say, it's not easy, it's eas-ier. "Never give up!"
    Thanks - enjoyed thinking along with you on this....polishing my faith with yours. Jenn

  6. ohhhh yes!!!! Soooo agree. Love that line 'hope is the part of after that I treasure.'

  7. The "happily-ever-after" part of walking with Christ will not happen until we reach His kingdom in heaven. No, life with Christ is not always easy, though some try to portray it this way. I love your honesty in this post.


  8. Very true… It isn't always rainbows and sprinkles. Sometimes it is weeds and thorns but always there is hope. Hope you have a wonderful week.